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Venus Omay ## Till 1990

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Exper translation services provide 30 years of experience for you. For this purpose, a fast and effective service planning has been made. First of all, our trial translation service makes your translations of up to 150 words free of charge. If you are satisfied with this trial translation, you will reach your translation with an appropriate pricing per word. Our pricing Time NewRoman 12 point 1 page translation means that 500 words are 20 TL. In this sense, it means that you will serve cheaper and shorter time than similar translations. Return will be made within 20 minutes after the business acceptance for each page translation. In this sense, it provides 3 pages within 1 hour and 36 pages within 12 hours. 36 pages of translation can be provided to you by this service within one day. Your 72 page translations will continue for 2 days and multiples of it. Our pricing for premium translations is subject to negotiation.

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